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We manufacture and supply high quality and affordable industrial wiping rags in Tucson, AZ

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Affordable Shop Towel Supplier in Tucson

Shop Rags. We got them. You want them to be affordable because you go through them quickly. Don't worry, we can handle that too. From plumbers, mechanics, and painters, to construction workers and cleaning professionals, you will always find themselves in need of lint free wiping rags to use on the job. We have a variety of shop rags to choose from: wiping rags, polishing rags, and shining rags. Whatever your need give us a call at (520) 792-4161 or find us online at: “Shop Rags Supplier Tucson”.

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Cotton Rags Tucson

Quality Shop Rags and Cut T-Shirt Rags Supplier for Tucson Arizona

We produce and sell high quality wiping cloths. We sort our rags by grade, color, quality and use. The rags you buy from us will be machine cut, flat, and free of all rivets, snaps, buttons, and any other undesirable objects. Need extra-absorbent rags for cleanup? We got that! Need no lint rags for polishing? We can help! When it comes to rags, we are the best choice and should be your first and only call, (520) 792-4161.

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Why Choose Us For Shop Towels

That's simple, with us you get more for your money. We are a locally owned and operated business. We source and produce our rags locally keeping our costs and prices down. Why spend more with a national chain, when you can get the same quality product, faster, AND at a better price? Doesn’t make sense does it? So call us at (520) 792-4161.
You can also find us by searching: “Shop Rags Supplier Tucson”.


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