Products and Services
  • Toweling Rags: The finest grade rags we produce. These rags are of a strong cloth and are extremely soft and absorbent. Our customers find them far more absorbent that the chemically treated rag. For cleaning which requires the touch of professional excellence, no rag is superior to our toweling rags.

  • Flannel Rags: Very soft and absorbent rags. These rags are especially suited for use as polishing rags because they are capable of buffing to a very high luster. They are excellent for use in chrome and metal polishing as well as casting.

  • Sweatshirt Rags: Soft and absorbent rags. The sweatshirt rag combines many of the qualities of our toweling and knit rags. The high absorbency and low lint makes it a favorite with mechanics and other people whose work entails heavy usage of oils and oily substances.

We typically sell our rags in 15, 25, and 50 pound boxes and are sold by the pound.
Different packaging and quantities is available upon request.
We deliver throughout town. Most deliveries happen same day as order.

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