Rags. Too many businesses to count need them, and we gladly produce them. We are in the business of producing quality wiping rags and offering them for prices that can’t be beat. Our rags are sorted into various grades and are machine cut into flat pieces with all buttons, rivets, zippers, snaps and other foreign objects removed.

We produce superior white knit and colored knit rags. They have the quality that makes them especially suited to certain types of work and they are virtually lint free. In addition, they are a soft, absorbent rag, useful for firms dealing with glass, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, marble, or other materials that need to be free of lint.

We sell the rags; we do not rent them. You are free to launder and reuse the rags or throw them away. They are yours to handle in whatever way is most feasible and economical to you. We don’t waste money on fancy packaging. We will deliver your rags in ugly boxes, for beautiful prices.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

We are Closed:
New Years Day
Easter Sunday
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

We Close at 4pm on:
New Years Eve
Christmas Eve

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